Petroleum Drilling and Well Engineering Consulting and Advisory Services


BE (Mechanical), MEng (Petroleum)
Independent Consultant
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Specialty Subject Areas:

  • Drilling Engineering
  • Well Engineering
  • Well Planning and Design
  • Well Construction
  • Situational Problems
  • Special Application Wells
  • Petroleum Engineering – Interconnected Subject Areas
  • Operations Management
  • Project Management
  • Quality, Health, Safety, and Environment – Considered for all Subject Areas

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Solutions and Services:

  • Consulting – Drilling and Well Engineering, and interconnected Petroleum Engineering Subject Areas
    • Balanced Regard for Technological and Economic aspects
    • Sub-Surface and Surface, Onshore and Offshore, Unconventional Resources (CBM, Shale Oil/Gas, Tight Oil/Gas, etc.)
    • Drilling, Workover, Well Intervention, Well Services, Artificial Lift, P&A, etc.
    • Aligned with Industry Specific Procedures / SOP, Guidelines, Practices, QHSE, etc.
  • Objectives / Project Charter Drafting
  • Planning and Design – Conceptual to Final:
    • AFE, Time and Cost Estimates (Drilling / Wells), Casing Seats Selection and Casing Design, Well Planning and Design, etc.
  • Diagnostic Solutions:
    • Well Integrity, Situational Problems, Engineering Failures, Well Challenges, etc.
  • Execution Support, Operations and Project Management, Revive Stalled Wells
  • Peer Reviews (various interconnected documents – Drilling, Wells, G&G, etc.)
  • New and Evolving Technologies Reviews, Special Application Wells
  • Equipment and Services Selection
  • Resident Engineer Services
  •  Support Services, as External Associate, to various Government, Private, E&P and O&G Companies
  • Support Services for various regulatory bodies under the Ministry of Petroleum and Natural Gas (MoPNG), Government of India (GOI) – DGH, OISD, etc, for various interconnected matters:
    • NELP, PSC, OALP-HELP, DSF, NDR, GIPIP, Unconventional Resources, IOR/EOR, Reviews, etc.
  • Support on other Subject Areas, e.g. G&G Studies, Reserves Estimation, Bidding, Techno-Legal matters, Taxation, etc., in team with our Associates
  • 24x7 Support


  • Get to the root of the issue, do not merely address the symptoms
  • Stick to power of simplicity, sharply focused, single minded. Leading to powerful outcomes
  • Objectives/Project Charter. Generally it begins with lack of clarity. Methodical process of successive iterations aids decision-making processes and leads to productive outcomes
  • Generally the objective is not merely about discovering presence of hydrocarbons (HC), but to study for feasibility for monetization of Reserves, which is dependent upon collective outcome of various variables and uncertainties
  • Treat Drilling life cycle versus Well life cycle with different perspectives
  • Well-design process should not result in either under-design or over-design, but should be fit-for-purpose
  • Utilize Reservoir Management tools to improve decision-making processes
  • Utilize Project Management tools, e.g. Lean, Risk Management, Quality Management, etc.

Adding and Delivering Value